All clients booking colour services will require a Colour Consultation and patch test at least 48 hours before their service, unless a colour service has been carried out by one of our stylists in the last 6 months. Failure to have had a skin test may result in cancellation of your appointment and loss of a booking fee.


Please note that we will require a non-refundable booking fee of up to 50% of the appointment to secure your appointment.

We require at least 72hrs hours (working days Tuesday – Saturday) notice to amend your appointment, this is so that we have the best opportunity to fill the appointment with another customer. You even can cancel your appointment online, and your booking fee will remain on your account to be used towards your next appointment.

Booking fees can be transferrable if given at least 72hrs notice. Within 72hrs, your deposit will be charged as a late cancellation fee.

We understand that sometimes these things cannot be avoided and we will work with you to find a solution.


If you choose to rebook following your appointment whilst in the salon, we will ask for full payment for your services so that the booking fee rolls over to your next appointment. For a higher value follow up appointment, an additional booking fee may be required. If you do not rebook whilst in the salon, you will pay the remaining amount on your bill, and when booking your next appointment another booking fee will be required.


We have a colour system called Vish that measures every gram of colour that we use for services. Now we can customise pricing for every client based on their requirements. If the standard amount of colour is used in a service, pricing will not change. However, if you require more colour than that, we can now calculate the additional cost for the service. So, if we need to use extra colour, the additional amount will be added to your bill. Rest assured we have full transparency when extra colour is used and we will let you know if there’s an increase in your charges on the day.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of product that we waste, saving you money and protecting our environment.

Explaining What Causes Price Fluctuations

The main things that will factor into needing additional colour are:

● How long it’s been since we’ve seen you

● How long and thick your hair is

● What you’d like to achieve with your colour


Please note that online bookings are being closely monitored and if timings or quantity of bookings make social distancing difficult to adhere to, we may contact you to move or cancel your appointment.

Cancelling appointments due to National / Lockdown- Your booking fee will be transferred to another appointment/ booking. This is valid 12 months.

If you test positive, we can move your appointment for you upon receipt of a screenshot of your positive test PCR confirmation text.

As we have limited space in the salon, we kindly ask that you attend your appointment alone.


At Ginger, we are passionate about providing you with a luxury and relaxing service. We do not have the facilities to keep children safe or entertained during your appointment. There are scissors, chemicals and heavy items which are dangerous, and it is against our insurance policy to have children unattended as it puts them at risk. It also creates distractions for you, other clients and your stylist. Therefore we cannot accommodate children in the salon unless they are having an appointment themselves.

We understand that sometimes you can unexpectedly have no childcare available. If provided with at least 72hrs (working days) notice, the we can rearrange your appointment for you. 


Our ultimate goal is that every client experiences exceptional service, however we understand that our team are human and that rarely we can fall short of meeting expectations. We welcome all client feedback and take it very seriously in our efforts to continuously improve our small business. Due to our high standards of customer service, we want the opportunity to restore your confidence in us, therefore we offer complimentary returns and not refunds. 

Failure to adhere to our terms & conditions and policies may result in your appointment being cancelled and your booking fee being charged.

For any more information please contact a team member.